Operative since 1920, we are specialized in the production of high precision mechanical parts, manufactured according to the highest quality standards.

Born in Como almost a century ago, the Officina Meccanica Brügger, originally manufacturing machinery for the textile industry, starting from the late 60s asserted itself as an important reference point in the precision mechanical manufacture sector. The firm works following the designs and specifications commissioned by third parties and can satisfy any kind of demand with high quality products.
Precision Milling and Turning
Machine fleet
Market sectors

We carry out precision millings and turnings in small and medium series (from 5 to 5000 pieces). We work on commission and produce highly accurate finishing, leaving our customers always satisfied by the quality and quantity of our products.
Our machine shop is equipped for high performance chip removal machining.
The precise and meticulous work which has always characterized the Officina Meccanica Brügger, allowed our company to interact with customers operating in the major leading sectors.